Life on the farm is seldom dull, and the wildlife and birdlife provide endless fascination

Some of our game was brought onto the farm, but they share the space with an abundance of natural creatures that come and go.

Our herds of Wildebeest, Springbok and Blesbok are the largest and most noticeable animals on the farm, but spend some time looking and you’ll find so much more to see.

Here is a list of mammals seen on the farm over the years:

Brown Hyena * Black-Backed and Side-Striped Jackal * Honey Badger *  Serval * Caracal * Vervet Money * Baboon * Scrub Hare * Squirrel * Porcupine * Spotted-necked and Cape Clawless Otter * Civet * Genet * Slender Mongoose * Aardwolf * Bushpig * Warthog * Oribi * Grey Rhebok * Duiker * Mountain Reedbuck * Eland * Waterbuck

These animals are just as magical for us to watch as they are for any visitors to our farm, a favourite time for everyone is baby season.


Take a look at our animals

Have a little peek at the gorgeous creatures that roam the farm…