Our herds are happily settled on the farm and growing steadily.

Our game breeding program found us and we couldn’t be happier with the results…

After severe droughts across the country a few years ago, we were approached to take in some animals that were going to starve due to lack of grazing. As we are located in a higher rain fall area, we were lucky enough to be able to provide a home for the herds and have enjoyed watching them grow and breed ever since.

Klondike, our Golden Wildebeest male, stands proud over his growing family and each year we’ve seen a few more golden babies join the herd. In addition to the Wildebeest family, we also have thriving Springbok and Blesbok herds as well as a pair of male Nyala – waiting for us to give them a few wives and a lone Sable called Zamalek.

These animals are just as magical for us to watch as they are for any visitors to our farm, a favourite time for everyone is baby season. We are really pleased that we were able to offer greener pastures to such wonderful animals.

The farm is also home to an array of naturally occurring animals like Duiker, Mountain Reed Buck, Serval and Jackal to name a few.

Take a look at our animals

Have a little peek at the gorgeous creatures that roam the farm…