Weatherproof Your Country Wedding

You’ve set the date, sent out your invitations and booked your country wedding. Yay, all excitement ahead for a weekend away with your favourite people in a magical place.

You have chosen a dress, flowers, photographers and the menu, the one thing that you have no choice over is the weather. The Highland hills of Dullstroom are notorious for offering its guest four extreme seasons in a day and can change from sunny and calm to stormy in less than half an hour. Not all is lost though and there are a few ways to reduce the impact of any weather.

Add layers to your outfit, whether you’re a guest or in the wedding party, shawls, scarves and jackets will save the day if the weather turns chilly.
Shelter from the hot sun or the pouring rain, make the most of the outdoor space with our 150 square meter Bedouin tent.

Gumboots and umbrellas are such a fun way to embrace the rain. They make such unique and memorable wedding photos.

For winter weddings, give your guests a blanket. Its a brilliant way to keep everyone warm and add texture and colour to your wedding reception.

And if all else fails, embrace the day and the weather as if your life depends on it! Memories are made of this…

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