A Subtly Themed Fairy Tale Wedding

A Subtly Themed Fairy Tale Wedding

We were lucky enough to host this subtly themed ‘Fairy-tale’ wedding on our farm in 2018. The fun touches were tied in from ceremony to reception and you could almost miss them, but they were right there. No-one wants a theme to take away the magic of the marriage taking place on the day, and you don’t want to look back and cringe either. So how can you have that personal theme in your wedding without it taking over? This couple cracked the code and we’re sharing their ideas…

1. Hidden Hints in the Arch

The ceremony was the first stop for the guests and the theme was already present from the start. Don’t ignore the setting as this is where you make your promises and seal the deal that will last a lifetime. All the greenery and the setting of the Chapel were a shout out to the enchanted forests of mythical stories. If you look a bit closer you’ll see perfect red roses from Beauty and The Beast. But that’s not all, there are also gorgeous apples in the arrangement making sure that Snow White is also represented. At a glance, its a beautifully draped arch and the quirky touches take nothing away from the elegance.

2. Continuity from the Forest to the Barn

Without over crowding the tables, this couple brought some of the ‘enchanted forest’ into the barn. The greenery added such divine texture in the reception hall and once again the hidden twinkling fairy lights created just the right amount of magic. The bare light bulbs added both warmth and the best kind of flattering lighting.

3. Play with Your Seating Chart

This is one of the wedding items that gets used once only. So go mad and personalize it, this clever couple kept inline with their theme with this story book look and a romantic calligraphy like font. The added winding roses and fairy lights worked perfectly with their fabled connotations.

4. Props that Work

Part of the table decor, magical apples are under glass domes set between the flowers on the table centers. This is such a brilliant way to add another touch of the fairy tale. You can do this with any wedding theme and subtly add your own touch of personality and originality.

5. Talk with Your Table Names

Again, this is one of the wedding decor items that will be used once and then tossed. So have some fun and choose a theme appropriate name and make it yours. The options are endless and this couple went the extra mile with and used French in a tribute to the country that they got engaged in.

6. Top the Cake

Choose one small way to have a totally free expression of yourself. This bride did it with her wedding cake topper. The Batgirl cape was a talking point and the brides tribute to her love of things magical, imaginable and the fantasy genre in general. She may not have worn the bat cape herself and was stunning in a traditional veil. But she still had the chance to release her original and magical side on the day of her marriage.


These ideas are based on the theme chosen specifically for this wedding. But all of this can be used and tweaked to fit any theme. Small touches made the day original but didn’t detract from the beauty and class of what was still a classic and elegant wedding.

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